​​​​Inspiring, Encouraging, and Promoting the Arts in Lodi, CA

Georgia Owens

1st Term 7/1/18 to 7/1/21

Nancy Ahlberg Mellor

3rd Term: 7/6/18 to 7/1/21

Charter (1982) and First Year Members (1983)

Lodi Arts Commission

Kathleen Gonsales
D. Juan Gonzalez
Sara Heberle
Carol Marvel
Gwin Mitchell (Chair)
Gay Stewart
Kathy Terra

Laura Wild

 Current Members and Terms

Cathy Metcalf, Chair

4th Term: 7/19/17 to 7/1/20

Noona Joseph

​1st Term 7/1/18 to 7/1/21

Mel Brenner
Nancy Carey
Suse Chacon
Eileen Chafee 
Bill Chapman
Phawnda Cochran
Richard P Corey