​​Sandi Walker-Tansley, Chair

3rd Term: 5/6/09 to 6/30/18

Ben Burgess
5th Term: 2/16/05 to 6/30/18

Edward Casillas
1st Term: 1/7/16 to 6/30/17

Richard Dentino

1st Term: 9/8/16 to 6/30/19

Mel Brenner
Nancy Carey
Suse Chacon
Eileen Chafee 
Bill Chapman
Phawnda Cochran
Richard P Corey

Lodi Arts Commission

 Current Members and Terms

Nancy Ahlberg Mellor

2nd Term: 10/3/12 to 6/30/18

Catherine Metcalf
3rd Term: 5/21/08 to 6/30/17

Steven Orr
1st Term: 1/7/16 to 6/30/18

Jean Justeau Payne

​1st Term: 9/8/16 to 6/30/19

Richard Vasquez
2nd Term: 8/6/14 to 6/30/18

Kathleen Gonsales
D. Juan Gonzalez
Sara Heberle
Carol Marvel
Gwin Mitchell (Chair)
Gay Stewart
Kathy Terra

Laura Wild

​​​​Inspiring, Encouraging, and Promoting the Arts in Lodi, CA

Charter (1982) and First Year Members (1983)