In 2001, the Lodi City Council established an Art in Public Places program to help the city select and install artwork for public projects. Funding for Art in Public Places comes from developers' fees designated for Lodi's environmental enrichment. Board members represent the Lodi Arts Commission, the Recreation Commission, the Planning Commission, and the Site Plan & Architectural Review Committee.

Recent projects include sidewalk mosaics, new art bike racks, bronze sculptures on loan in the downtown area, and the painted traffic control boxes you can see scattered around town. Are you an artist (in fact or at heart)? Submit your ideas for Art in Public Places to the
Lodi Arts Commission.

The City Council also created an Art Advisory Board to:

  • Review proposed public art projects and assure they are high-quality​
  • Recommend and approve artworks and artists for the Art in Public Places program.

​​Art in Public Places

This program has now been folded into the mission of the Lodi Arts Commission

​​​​Inspiring, Encouraging, and Promoting the Arts in Lodi, CA